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Energy Efficient Water Heating

Colmac heat pumps offer commercial and industrial users of sanitary hot water, an energy efficient means of heating water to temperatures as high as 160°F (71°C). The Colmac heat pump water heater uses the same operating principle as an air-conditioner or domestic refrigerator. The heat pump gathers heat from the surrounding air or water, and through the refrigeration cycle, deposits the heat into water at a useable temperature. This principle of moving heat with a heat pump, rather than generating it by burning fossil fuel (i.e. natural gas), or electric resistance, makes water heating with heat pumps the best choice for conserving energy. Depending on the temperature of the air or water supplied to the heat pump, water can be heated using one third to one fourth of the energy required by electric resistance, or gas.


Colmac Heat Pump Water Heaters put “Health & Safety” First!

Colmac proprietary 3rd Generation Water Heating Technology provides commercial and industrial hot water fully compliant for sanitary hot water systems… with no requirement for additional boilers. The need to burn fossil fuels (oil/gas/solid fuel) with associated costs and emissions is eliminated. The dual energy concentrations – sanitary water heating and simultaneous air conditioning – of the Colmac heat pump water heater act to put normally wasted energy to work heating sanitary water to instant full discharge temperature.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Water heating heat pumps are the definition of Green Technology. Colmac utilizes non-ozone depleting refrigerant to transfer energy from a low quality heat source to a high quality hot water supply. Colmac water heating heat pumps have zero emissions and further reduce your carbon footprint by maximizing efficiency and minimizing electricity consumed.


Certified Water Heating Heat Pumps

Colmac water heating heat pumps are designed and constructed to globally recognized safety and quality standards and certifications including:

• UL 508 (Industrial Control Panels)

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