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Air Source Heat Pumps

hpa11-ala-wai-plaza-sky-no-background-webColmac HPA air source heat pumps offer commercial and industrial users of sanitary hot water, an energy efficient means of heating water to temperatures as high as 185°F (85°C). The Colmac HPA water heating heat pumps use the same operating principle as an air-conditioner or domestic refrigerator. The heat pump gathers heat from the surrounding air, and through the refrigeration cycle, deposits the heat into water at a useable temperature. This principle of moving heat with a heat pump, rather than generating it by burning fossil fuel (i.e. natural gas), or electric resistance, makes water heating with heat pumps the best choice for conserving energy. Depending on the temperature of the air supplied to the heat pump, water can be heated using one third to one fourth of the energy required by electric resistance, or gas.

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Air Source Heat Pump Basics

Energy from warm air is absorbed by refrigerant in the evaporator causing the refrigerant to change phase from a liquid to a gas. This gas refrigerant is then compressed by a compressor which adds temperature and pressure to the refrigerant. The high temperature, high pressure refrigerant gas is then condensed to a liquid in a condenser where energy is traded from the refrigerant to sanitary water suitable for human consumption. Finally, the high pressure, liquid refrigerant is passed through an expansion valve which causes the refrigerant pressure and temperature to drop so it can once again enter the evaporator and absorb energy from the air.

To maximize the efficiency of an air source heat pump provide the warmest and most humid air available and try to deliver the lowest sanitary water temperature acceptable. This minimizes the compressor work which is the largest operational cost associated with a heat pump.

Since the Colmac HPA units use the same principle as an air-conditioner, it produces cool air as it makes hot water. This "free" cool air benefit can be put to use to supplement an existing air-conditioning system, or to provide "spot cooling" to hot work areas.

Colmac HPA heat pumps can be successfully applied wherever there is a need for large amounts of hot water and there is a source of warm air available. The Colmac HPA is best suited for supplying hot water in facilities where demands for hot water and space cooling are concurrent. 



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