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Colmac Waterheat Heat Pump Water Heaters

Lowest Energy Cost
Using heat pump technology, three to five units of energy are moved from the source to the process water for every input of electrical power! Using ample thermal storage, much of the cost can be shifted to off-peak hours. While heating the potable water, the Colmac creates cool air or cold water, which reduces cooling costs simultaneously.
The Colmac WaterHeat single pass system delivers a constant leaving water temperature – never a cold shower!
Designed for low maintenance and easy service, with a 15+ year expected life span.
Designed, built and tested in the USA.
Safe Sanitary Water
By heating water to 140°-185°F (60°C-85°C) in a single pass, Colmac WaterHeat Heat Pump Water Heaters (HPWHs) create a true HACCP step in eradicating Legionella in hot water storage systems, without UV or chemicals. Certified safe for potable (sanitary) water with double wall, vented condensers that fully isolate refrigerant from potable water. In warm climates, the source side can use a sanitary option and keep drinking water less than 70°F (21°C) for safest, most comfortable storage.
Environmentally Friendly
The Colmac high efficiency vapor compression cycle method has zero direct CO2 or CO emissions. This green, sustainable energy method requires no fossil fuels. This can be part of a LEED points design and/or qualify for environmental utility incentives or credits where available.

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