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Colmac Industries

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Colmac Industries

arial-map-fogged-outColmac Industries was established in 1959. Since that time, Colmac has been the innovator of many popular laundry finishing products that are now staples in the industry.

Colmac was the first to mass produce a tunnel finisher with a direct gas heating system, the first to develop the triple buck shirt press, the first to create a vertical, one-step pant pressing system, the first to develop a high speed computerized hangering system, and the first to design and manufacture a straight-through, modular tunnel finishing system.

Colmac recently became the first to install a direct water-to-steam tunnel finisher and a modular PLC controlled tunnel finisher.

Colmac is known for quality. Over 93% of all Colmac customers surveyed would buy another Colmac.

Colmac Industries offers a number of publications on request: Tunnel Tips (helpful pages on tunnel finishing), Finishing Touches (Colmac Newsletter), Handling Blended Garments in the Laundry, and product brochures as well as videos on some products.

We encourage visits to our factory. Contact Colmac Industries at (509) 684-4505.

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Colmac’s factory is located in Colville, WA. Colmac employs over 70 full time employees. The average Colmac worker has been with Colmac for over seven years.

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Colville, WA is located about 70 miles north of Spokane, WA on Interstate 395 and about a one-hour drive south from the Canadian/US border.

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This area is supported by logging and agricultural products. There are many camping, fishing, hunting, and hiking opportunities throughout the area. For more information about Colville, WA and the area, click HERE