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Low GWP 513a Units

Single Point Headers / Hose Kits


CxS Supervision System

Colmac WaterHeat offers a complete central hot water system controller. The CxS supervision system integrates Colmac heat pumps, tank systems, mixing stations, and auxiliary systems under one control. It interfaces with both BMS controls and power utilities featuring web access for remote control and alarm alerts. The supervision system seasonally optimizes and adapts variable heat […]

CxW Series Modular Water Source

Colmac CxW modular water source heat pumps use energy collected from a fluid stream to heat domestic water to temperatures up to 185ºF. The source fluid can be any filtered, non-corrosive, pressurized stream of liquid at temperatures as low as 50°F. CxW modules can be arranged in banks to meet any capacity requirement.  Their PLC […]

CxV Low Temp Air Source

The CxV series features a 5 hp or 15 hp compressor, propeller fan, and PLC controls.  Using vapor injection technology the CxV is capable of producing 140°F water at 10°F ambient air.  The 5 hp unit can continue to operate down to -1°F, producing 120°F water and the 15 hp can continue to operate down […]

CxA Modular Air Source

The CxA series is the next generation of air source heat pumps from Colmac WaterHeat.  This represents a leap forward in controls and operation from the previous HPA design. Models include compressors from 10 to 30 hp, with optional VFDs to provide turndown and soft-start capabilites.  ECM propeller fans come standard, with optional ECM plenum fans […]

Cloud Monitoring and Reporting System

Colmac Offers a high-performance, fully featured Cloud-Based Monitoring and Reporting Interface for Colmac WaterHeat Units. Seamlessly connect individual units or entire arrays securely to the Cloud, allowing Building Supervisor and Owners the ability to monitor performance and be alerted to abnormalities or even custom-triggered events through any Internet Connection. Alerts can be sent via email […]