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CxW Series Modular Water Source

Colmac CxW modular water source heat pumps use energy collected from a fluid stream to heat domestic water to temperatures up to 185ºF.

The source fluid can be any filtered, non-corrosive, pressurized stream of liquid at temperatures as low as 50°F.

CxW modules can be arranged in banks to meet any capacity requirement.  Their PLC interconnectivity allows multiple units to act as a single machine.

All CxW models will fit through a standard 36″ door, making them ideal for retrofits and high-rise applications.  They are also stackable, doubling the capacity per square foot.

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Example CxW Stacked with Header Assy

Water Source Heat Pump Basics

Energy from a pressurized liquid stream is absorbed by refrigerant in the evaporator causing the refrigerant to change phase from a liquid to a gas. This gas refrigerant is then compressed by a compressor which adds temperature and pressure to the refrigerant. The high temperature, high pressure refrigerant gas is then condensed to a liquid in a condenser where energy is traded from the refrigerant to sanitary water suitable for human consumption. Finally, the high pressure, liquid refrigerant is passed through an expansion valve which causes the refrigerant pressure and temperature to drop so it can once again enter the evaporator and absorb energy from the liquid source.

To maximize the efficiency of a water source heat pump, use the warmest liquid with highest specific heat and try to deliver the lowest sanitary water temperature acceptable. This minimizes the compressor work which is the largest operational cost associated with a heat pump. Building hydronic loop water, return chilled water, condenser or cooling tower water, geothermal loops or wells, and industrial process water are a few of the possible heat sources which can be utilized by the HPW heat pump.

NFS-61 Lead free Certification, Mass Board approval, and UL-508a electrical panels on all models.