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The CxV series features a 5 hp or 15 hp compressor, propeller fan, and PLC controls.  Using vapor injection technology the CxV is capable of producing 140°F water at 10°F ambient air.  The 5 hp unit can continue to operate down to -1°F, producing 120°F water and the 15 hp can continue to operate down to 0°F, producing 130°F water.

The CxV utilizes the same Intelligent Defrost control and hot gas defrost that was developed on the new CxA series.  This improves hot water output and minimizes defrost cycles, maximizing COPs.

As with all Cx series units, individual CxV unit controllers can interconnect (up to 12 units) to perform staging, runtime balancing, and BMS communications

Units are designed with serviceability in mind. Larger CxV-15’s have removable panels and the CxV-5’s swing out door allows for excellent access to all internal components. They also features external High and Low Pressure measurement ports.

Download CxV-15 Brochure PDF

Download CxV-5 Brochure PDF

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NFS-61 Lead free Certification and UL-508a electrical panels on all models.