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Cool Weather Package

  • Hot gas defrost for frost forming ambient temperatures (<50°F/10°C ).

Why it’s critical:

  • Maintains thermal efficiency. Prevents moisture buildup on the evaporator coil, which can impede heat transfer by insulating and limiting airflow through the coil.


  • No expensive electric elements. Hot gas defrosting can effectively help reduce energy bills for hot water production by using high-pressure hot gas from the compressor’s discharge. 
  • Quick defrost cycles. Hot gas is carefully transferred into the evaporator during defrosting, where it quickly melts the frost and ice on the evaporator.
  • Only defrosts when needed. By monitoring air conditions our units can intelligently know when to and when not to defrost, saving money.

Freezing Weather Package

  • Internal freeze protection for below freezing (<32°F/0°C). Includes the Cool Weather Package.

Why it’s critical:

  • Freeze Protection. Protects water circuit from freeze damage.


  • Trace tape. All water circuit components are wrapped with heat tracing to protect them from freezing. 
  • Pan Heater. Keeps condensate clear in the drain pan.