Monday - Friday, 7am - 4pm Pacific

See Maintenance section of unit Manual for more information.

Periodic Maintenance:

  • De-scale/de-lime the potable circuit by isolating the unit and back flushing with a potable acidic solution such as vinegar or commercially available de-liming products.
  • *Wash blue evaporator coil filter with soap and water
  • *Vacuum evaporator coil
  • *Check and remove any debris from coil
  • *Clean Coil with suitable cleaner
  • *Check/clean wye strainers
  • *Check heat pump alarms and consult with factory about any alarms.
  • *Confirm secure electrical connections
  • *Check water connections for leaks

*Maintenance intervals will depend on environmental factors, such as particulates in the air and potable water, and the frequency can vary from every few months to annually.

How Long Does each task take?

  • I would estimate this while process will take about an hour for each heater.

Are there any activities that should be performed by a professional?

  • Electrical: This should only be performed by a qualified professional, as high-voltage is dropped into the panel and there exists a potential for electrocution if proper care isn’t taken.